How To Use Entryeeze To Renew Your Membership

Florida Suncoast Figure Skating Club is now using Entryeeze for membership signups, renewals and test sessions.


You may be familiar with how to use entryeeze but if not I am going to show you how in this article.

Logging Into Your Account

We are going to start by logging into our account. If you are a member trying to renew, you should have received an email with your login and request to verify your email address. If you did not receive this email then click this link to contact us and we will find you login information and send to you.

Ok, from the email that you received, there should be a link that will open up into the screen you see below. Or you can click on any Entryeeze image on our web site. When you click on the entryeeze image it will take you to the page below:


Returning Members

For returning members you are going to click on the Existing Members section on the top left of the screen. This will take you to the next screen below:


Type in your email and password and it will take you to the next screen below:


Entryeeze Auto Picks Your Membership Type

It should automatically pick you membership type that you had previously, if not, then just select it from the drop down menu, and click on the blue renew button. Before you do that, if you want to see the prices for the different membership options, then you can click on the view membership options link and it will open a window that shows all the memberships available and their prices.

Updating Your Personal Information

After clicking on the blue renew button you will see a screen like below, that shows your personal information, and allows you to change it if necessary. I would stress here, that it is really important that we have a good email address for you, as most of the club information goes out via email. So to stay up to date with events and activities with the club, make sure you email address is correct.


Updating Additional Information

After you have made your changes to your personal information, then go ahead and click on the save button, and the next screen you will see is asking you to update any additional information. The selections should be already checked for you based on last years selections. So, scroll through all of these questions and make changes if needed, and then save them by clicking on the save button. Some of these fields are required and some are not. You can tell they are required if you see a box with two little stars next to the field.


Your Shopping Cart

After clicking on the save button, you will be taken back to the previous screen that shows the membership in your shopping cart. See below:


Donations In Lieu Of Volunteering

If everything is ok here, then just click on the Cart/Checkout button at the top right of the screen and you will be directed to the next screen below, which gives you the opportunity to make a donation in lieu of volunteer hours.


You can add an amount here if you feel you will not be able to volunteer any hours to the club, or just click on the Continue checkout button.

Waiver Acceptance Form

You will then be taken to the next screen, which is the waiver form. See below:


Read through this waiver, and then you must click on the check box to accept the waiver and then click on the blue Continue checkout button. The next screen with be the addition of the convenience fee. This fee is to help defray the cost of fees that we are imposed by our credit card processor.


Submitting Payment Information

Click on the Continue checkout button and you will be taken to the next screen where you will submit your credit card information and process your payment. See below:


After filling out your credit card information here, you will then click on the Submit Payment button and your checkout will continue. You will receive your receipt for payment after the payment has been processed.

Other Site Features

Once you have completed the payment steps you are done and your membership is renewed. While you are still logged into your account you could check out some of the other features of the site.

On the gray tabs from left to right you will see:

  • Manage My Family
  • Apply/Renew
  • Volunteer
  • Test Sessions
  • Available Merchandise
  • My Merchandise

Manage My Family–You can update your personal information as well as add an additional family member.

Apply/Renew–Here you can renew your membership, which is what we have been talking about in this article.

Volunteer–You will see volunteer opportunities and you can sign up for them here.

Test Sessions–As we have test sessions throughout the year, you will sign up for them here as a member. You must sign up for them here to get the member prices.

Available Merchandise–You can purchase items that the club sells and get the member price. Right now we have tights for sale here.

My Merchandise–Here you can see all of the merchandise that you have purchased through this Entryeeze site.

Wrap Up

This pretty much wraps everything up. I am sure there is something I did not cover in this article, so if you have any questions about membership renewal, testing, or purchasing merchandise, then please contact us. We look forward to you renewing your membership with us for the 2015-2016 season, and encourage you to use entryeeze to do so.