2013 Awards Banquet

Coaches Awards

Coaches Awards went to:

Sabine Diligent—Sabine has excelled dramatically in her skating showing her ability and love for skating.

Haley Culp—Haley Congratulations “broadway”  you seem to have the uncanny ability to pull off the perfect program in competitions!  A natural “showboat!” Great Job!

Danielle McMamanom—You are receiving this award for “sparkling” through this year of turning 13 and for sparkling at your remarkable ISI and USFS testing successes.  You “sparkle” at all you do.

Taylor Lannon—Taylor has demonstrated tenacity and dedication through her test taking skills. She has passed 9 ISI tests during her very short skating career thus far.

Emily Lowery—Emily You are receiving this award for being so mighty and strong physically and mentally, for mental strength and mighty fortitude.  No one should judge you for your size because that is not who you are.

Sara Wilson—Sara has demonstrated incredible speed and agility this year. Her capacity for quick rotation and balance is evident in her spinning abilities.

Deanna Amos—Deanna has demonstrated excellence in edge quality and footwork this year. Her ability to execute quick turns and deep edges compliments her skating.

Shayla McDonald—Shayla has demonstrated great strength and power in her skating this year. She has the ability to move from one jump to another with a dynamic and intense flair.

Kataliya Nouaneasa—Kataliya’s determination and execution for skating has been evident in her progress.

Cameo Dyer—Cameo has demonstrated a wonderful gift of rhythm and musicality. Her personality shines through in her choreography, timing and performance abilities.

Julie Ducey— recognition for landing your first axel and developing an excellent freestyle 5 left forward inside open Choctaw. Practice and perseverance do pay off. Congratulations!