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Florida Sun Coast Figure Skating Club
13940 Icot Blvd
Clearwater, Florida  33760


The 2016-2017 Board members and their jobs are listed below. To email a Board Member, just click on a name.

2016-2017 Board Members

President Lisa Dyer (727) 392-6316
Vice President Jordana McManamon (727) 793-0477
Treasurer Sean McManamon (727) 443-7862
Secretary Nancy Watkins
Membership Lisa Dyer (727) 392-6316
Test Chair Kay McNeil (813 712-9576
Ways & Means Chair (Fundraising) Vacant
Publicity (Webmaster) Rob McDonald (727) 804-0275
Sanctions Chair Vacant
Social Chair Jordana McManamon (727) 793-0477
Jr. Board Liason Vacant

Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month and they are open to the public. Special meetings are held as needed. If you need to contact a board member please use the contact information above.

The Club governance is spelled out by the Constitution and the Bylaws. Some modification is made to the Committee structure to implement and manage the new programs.



  • President – The President will have the responsibility for supervision and management of the Club and its property, subject to the pleasure of the Board of Governors.
  • Vice President – Will assist the President in the discharge of his or her duties.
  • Treasurer – Have charge of the funds of the Club and account and report.
  • Secretary – Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Club and Board, supervise all documents and reports connected with the business of the club, supervise the keeping of the role of members. Notify applicants for membership of acceptance or rejection. Supervise the correspondence of the Club and prepare issue notices of all meetings of the Club or Board.

Designated by the Organization:

  • Test – Will have charge of giving all official USFSA tests, and setting dates and obtaining approved USFSA judges for the tests. The Chair will maintain records of testing activities.
  • Membership – Will actively administer the Club’s membership.
  • Sponsor Program – Will develop programs for selling the and operating the Sponsor/Supporter Program.
  • Fundraising – Organize and administer the major adopted fundraisers as developed.
  • Website Administrator – Internal and external communication of club events. Maintain the Web Site, the email broadcast message center and the point of information displays. Getting the word out to the members.
  • Competitions – Organize and implement all organized competition initiatives for the Club.
  • Newsletter, Media – Periodically publish newsletter related to the club and its members. Communicate with external media regarding club events and competition results.