28th Annual ISI Competition

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21 June, 2014 – 22 June, 2014 all-day
Clearwater Ice Arena
13940 Icot Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 33760
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Jamie Belden


Final Skater Event List

CLEARWATER ICE ARENA invites you to attend our 28th Annual ISI
Competition located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. It is a short drive to sunny
Clearwater Beach and famous Pier 60! The rink has new locker rooms available for
changing as well as a full service snack bar. Vendors will be available for last minute
needs. Our ice surface is 188’ x 85’and the arena has gone through several upgrades
these past couple of years including a new roof, dehumidifier, zam garage, handicap
access ramp with sliding glass doors, fitness center, and a new entrance.


This competition is open to all current ISI members who are competing at their
highest test level registered with the ISI on or before May 09, 2014. Members of the
USFS are eligible to participate as stated in the ISI-USFS Joint statements of Policy.
*USFS members must also be current members of the ISI and must have passed the
ISI equivalents of their highest USFS test passed.


Individual & Partner Events: Artistic 1-10; Couples 1-10 Similar/Mixed; Couples
Spotlight (low/medium/intermediate/high) – Character/Dramatic/Light
Entertainment; Footwork 1-10; Freestyle 1-10; Ice Dancing 1-10- Solo/Choice Dance;
Ice Dancing 1-10- Partner Similar/Mixed/Choice; Ice Dancing 1-10- Pro
Partner/Choice Dance; Interpretive 1-10; Jump & Spin Teams-
Low/Medium/Intermediate/High; Open Freestyle Bronze-Platinum; Pair 1-10; Pre-
Alpha thru Delta; Rhythmic Skating -Ball/Hoop/Ribbon; Solo Compulsories; Solo
Spotlight-Character/Dramatic/ Light Entertainment; Special Skater 1-10; Stroking:
Pre-Alpha thru Delta; Stroking: Low/High; Tots 1-4
Group and Team Events: Ensemble; Family Spotlight; Kaleidoskate Team;
Pattern Team; Production Team; Synchronized Teams-Compulsories; Synchronized

The deadline for entries is May 9th, 2014. Click These links below to download Competition entry forms:

Competition Packet 2014

Dance Entry 2014

Individual Entry Forms Rink

Team Entry 2014

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