Future Champions-Club Ice Fundraiser

Please help us provide ice time to skaters who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Our Clubs goal is to provide ice time and instruction for free. We can only do this through your donations. Every little bit helps. Who knows, there may be a future Olympian skater out there that would not be found otherwise, without this ice time being provided. It costs the Club about $2,000 a month to pay the rink for our 1 hour of weekly ice time.  Any contributions you make here will go toward that fund. Please help if you can.

Club Ice Bronze Donation $20.00 [wp_cart:Club Ice Bronze Donation:price:20:end]
Club Ice Silver Donation $50.00 [wp_cart:Club Ice Silver Donation:price:50:end]
Club Ice Gold Donation $100.00 [wp_cart:Club Ice Gold Donation:price:100:end]
Club Ice Platinum Donation $200.00 [wp_cart:Club Ice Platinum Donation:price:200:end]
Club Ice Titanium Donation $500.00 [wp_cart:Club Ice Titanium Donation:price:500:end]


For Donations larger that $500, or to learn of our business sponsorship programs, please contact us at fscfscskateclub@gmail.com 

Thanks, for your support.