March 12th Test Session Is Golden

Our March 12th Test Session was a huge success and produces our latest Gold Medal skater, Danielle McManamon.

Along With Danielle, 9 other skaters passed their tests as well.


Above photo includes from left to right, Haley Culp, Cameo Dyer, Julie Ducey, Sara Wilson, Danielle McManamon, Judge Jackie, Coach Gayle and Coach Stephanie.

Here is the list of skaters that passed their tests:

Baylee Schumacher–Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field

Caroline Wallace–Preliminary Moves In The Field

Angelica Volkov–Pre-Juvenile Moves In The Field

Justin Brown–Novice Moves In The Field

Danielle McManamon–Senior Moves In The Field

Hanna Daou–Preliminary Freestyle

Angelica Volkov–Preliminary Freestyle

Oliva Zamba–Juvenile¬†Freestyle

Justin Brown–Intermediate Freestyle

Sara Wilson–Pre-Silver European Waltz Dance



Above photo includes Sarah Wilson, Haley Culp, Justin Brown, Julie Ducey, Cameo Dyer and Danielle McManamon.

Congratulations to all the skaters and coaches on a job well done. Our next test session will be July 23rd.