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First Skating Member(up to 2 members) $125.00 [wp_cart:First Skating Member(up to 2 members):price:125:end]
Subsequent Skater $20.00 [wp_cart:Subsequent Skater:price:20:end]
Adult Skater $85.00 [wp_cart:Adult Skater:price:85:end]
Associate Member $60.00 [wp_cart:Associate Member:price:60:end]
Home Coach Member $50.00 [wp_cart:Home Coach Member:price:50:end]
Guest Coach $50.00 [wp_cart:Guest Coach:price:50:end]
Collegiate Member (4-year membership) $100.00 [wp_cart:Collegiate Member (4-year membership):price:100:end]
Introductory Member (New to USFS) $35.00 [wp_cart:Introductory Member (New to USFS):price:35:end]
Supportive Member (friend of FSCFSC) $60.00 [wp_cart:Supportive Member (friend of FSCFSC):price:60:end]