Test Session February 6th

Congratulations to all our skaters that tested. We had a 100% pass rate.

Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field 

Mary German                   Fiona Nemetbakhsh

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Kataliya Nouaneasa                Olivia Zamba

Preliminary Moves in the Field

Julia-Anna Ducey                Kataliya Nouaneasa

Preliminary Free Skate

Deanna Amos                Hannah Kim

Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field

Delaney Cousman                Olivia Zamba

Pre-Juvenile Free Skate

Haley Culp

Preliminary Dance & Pre-Bronze Dances (6 total)

Julia Paige Grant

Juvenile Moves in the Field

Cameo Dyer

Intermediate Moves in the Field

Sara Wilson

Novice Moves in the Field

Danielle McManamon